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Skin Biopsy






The ADCS Bridge Year Program provides recent college graduates with the unique opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the setting of a private dermatology practice as medical assistants. Through this paid program, MAs learn to assist in a variety of clinical and administrative tasks that help keep a medical practice functional. We aim to employ reliable, self-motivated graduates looking to gain one or more years of experience prior to attending medical and PA school. We believe the lessons provided by this program will prepare our MAs for the rigors of a career in medicine.





As a medical assistant you will:

  • assist in various dermatologic surgeries and procedures

  • scribe for physicians and PAs during patient visits

  • perform administrative tasks

  • learn about cosmetic procedures including but not limited to Botox, fillers, and laser

  • participate in a suturing and phlebotomy clinic​​

  • potentially travel to other ADCS locations in the DMV​

  • write and understand prescriptions

  • network with our providers and staff

  • and more!

Additional information: 

  • CapYear Podcast episode with Dr. Glassma

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